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Hello travelers and adventure seekers!

Welcome to Travel Ticket Magazine

We extend a warm greeting to you, the patrons of the all-new Port of Go! International Destination & Travel Expos. Othal Partners, LLC, presents to you Travel Ticket Magazine which is filled with exciting travel-related ventures and affiliate businesses.

We’ve created a fun and easy way to match travelers with travel-related companies. The Port of Go! event and Travel Ticket Magazine are designed to help attendees and readers find the best next trip. You’ll be inspired whether you’re planning vacations or business commitments, for a day, weekend, week, or month. Our first-ever event and publication will be catalysts for discovering great adventures for you, loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Inside the pages of Travel Ticket Magazine, you’ll find engaging articles to make your excursions safer, more accommodating, better planned, and ultimately more enjoyable. Look for insights on fashion, real estate, literature, and personalities. Seek out our guest reviews about useful accessories (jewelry, ergonomic carry-on bags, no-iron apparel), theme parks, lodging facilities, transportation options, event investments (travel insurance, airline points, etc.), and that’s just for starters. You’ll also see news and advertising-related information chosen to make your expeditions richer. We have so much to share with you.

We’ve been developing Port of Go! International Destination & Travel Expos, and Travel Ticket Magazine for the past eight years. Determined to produce events and publications folks will want to use, we were methodical, honing our ideas until both avenues became truly of use to both travelers and those who provide them with services and products.

Our top goal is to make Port of Go! the resource for those seeking a getaway. Our all-things-travel showcase will bring you opportunities to travel by train, plane, ship, bus, and limousine to almost everywhere on the planet. We’ll do this with style and flair. Enjoy fashion shows, book signings, travel seminars, family fun areas, job fairs, and event wine tastings during each Port of Go! weekend. Let destinations’ ambassadors tell you about their lands. Then take time to enjoy the live dance and music, food samplings, and more interactive activities.

We’re excited you chose to come spend a while with Port of Go! and to turn the pages of Travel Ticket Magazine. We hope you’ll find inspiration, and actionable resources for your next trip, or maybe your next few excursions. The world awaits.

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We hope you’ll find inspiration, and actionable resources for your next trip,
or maybe your next few excursions. The world awaits.

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