Love traveling the world

Lead the Way! How Romantic Travel Inspires Us to Do More … With One Another

Ahh … nothing seems more inviting than travel love. Whether it’s the love of travel or in this instance, traveling for love. 

I’d been waiting a long time to take the plunge to a place I’d never been just to share the experience of seeing the love of my life’s facial expression from the experience of visiting a faraway land and catching the rays of the sun as they beam down on her flawless facial features that highlight her boundless beauty.

Sounds mushy, eh? That’s what traveling for love brings out in you. The real romantic side. I’m talking about taking your breath away; invigoration; heart palpitating; loss of words; stuttering, crystal clear epiphanies; and motivating imagination for what we’ll do next.

We have all felt the sting of Covid-19 and the deep divide it’s had on the world. The stress born from this pandemic is far-reaching and has had a certain effect on the travel industry at large. But what could usually break our will has somehow inspired us. The demand for travel is really rising to heights we’ve not seen before the pandemic began. We are all starting to feel that collective call to “get away” … especially for couples looking to rekindle and/or ignite the flames of passion and adventure for something different. We will all have to make some adjustments because of new regulations for cruising, flying and lodging in various countries. But, it’s worth it. We’ll address that in some of our upcoming articles.

Senior Couple Traveling on Vacation

Yet, the manifestation for travel is coming back; even though our desire for it never, ever went away.

Where to?