Yellowstone hotel at night

Yellowstone National Park Welcomes Visitors

Working through the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other national parks, Yellowstone National is now opening for visitors in three phases. The 14-day quarantine has been lifted with the Wyoming and Idaho entrances now open. While the park continues to be day-use only, some overnight accommodations will start later in June. Hotels, full-service dining, commercial tour buses, and ranger programs remain closed. Phase 3 services and/or facilities will reopen when health conditions allow.

Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park was considered the first national park when it opened in 1872. It is one of the world’s most vibrant ecosystems. All around you’ll see lush valleys, jagged buttes, and free-flowing waterfalls that create a true sense of serenity and calm at 8,000 feet.  

The back of Yellowstone Hotel faces Lake Yellowstone.

Traditionally open from May to October, the park offers a range of outdoor recreational opportunities, ideal for all active adventurists. Go hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and more.  One of the most popular activities is photography and wildlife spotting. Cars typically line up on the side of the road to catch sight of a herd of buffalo, elk, antelopes, or goats grazing in the mountains. You may see as many tripods as you see animals!

See Old Faithful Shoot Up in the Sky

It is the show everyone is waiting for… Old Faithful, erupting on schedule every 35 – 120 minutes and shooting as high as 140 feet in the air. For all of its mighty glory, this magnificent geyser lasts only around 1 minute, 30 seconds, and five minutes. Be sure to check it out in the clock in the lodge that predicts the next eruption.

A line of visitors waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.

More than 500 Geysers

Old Faithful is not the only geyser in the park. There are over 500- geysers with their own schedules, beautiful paint pots, boiling calderas, and other hydrothermal wonders. There’s even a Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River featuring breathtaking waterfalls that come crashing down to the river below. 

Old Faithful in all of its glory.

A Variety of Accommodations and Dining

When traditionally open, Yellowstone offers a range of lodging. Choose from the elegant Lake Yellowstone Hotel to cabins and more rustic lodging as a part of the premier Xanterra Travel Collection. The Lodges also offer tours and activities guided by Certified Interpretive Guides. Book your accommodations early as they do fill up.

In the park, a range of dining options awaits you. Try the historic Old Faithful Inn Dining Room, the contemporary Canyon Lodge Eatery, or the Roosevelt Old West Dinner Cookout.

Consider visiting in the shoulder season when crowds are a little thinner. Spring (May – June) welcomes bison and antelope newborns, while bears are out of hibernation. In winter, wolf-watching is popular and the geysers even more spectacular.

Famous colorful paint pots await you in Yellowstone National Park.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel – Classic Accommodations at the Lady of the Lake

You’ll know as you approach the golden hotel that you have arrived someplace special. Built-in 1891, this magnificent hotel features 158 deluxe rooms that take you back to a time of old-world grandeur.  Enjoy fine dining, a string quartet, and an Inspired by Artist series. The narrow halls, back porch, and the Sun Room will remind you of staying on a cruise ship. It’s so beautiful, you won’t believe you’re actually staying in a National Park.